Vans Global Skate Team Rider Lizzie Armanto Succeeds as First Woman to Complete Tony Hawk’s 360° Loop

On August 26, Vans Global Skate Team Rider Lizzie Armanto became the first woman to successfully skate the dangerous 360° loop, made famous by skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. First completed by Hawk exactly 20 years ago in 1998, Armanto triumphed the treacherous stunt after nearly five hours of courageous attempts.

“All of the knowledge I had before about skateboarding went out the window in one sense,” Armanto told  Thrasher Magazine. “You have to be confident and feel good on the board. Everyone was giving advice but until you physically do it, it doesn't resonate.”


Vans Skate Lizzie Armanto

Vans congratulates Lizzie for an incredible feat of courage and talent. Lizzie’s next adventure takes her to Malmö, Sweden, for the fourth stop of the Vans Park Series, where she will showcase her park terrain skills amongst the best pro skateboarders in the world. Tune in live on September 8 at

About Lizzie Armanto
Pouring sweat, skill, and creativity into full parts for both Thrasher Magazine and Birdhouse in 2017, Lizzie also became the first female to be featured on the cover of Transworld Skateboarding, in addition to Thrasher cover honors. With over 30 awards on her mantle, along with the first ever Gold in X-Games Women’s Park competition in 2013, Lizzie’s path is paved in milestones and setting the tone for a revolution the world’s been waiting for.